I’m passionate about words. I salivate over wordplay, grammar, uniquely structured sentences and expertly expressed ideas. Even though I regularly improvise the phonetic alphabet and occasionally let spellcheck take the lead in my composition box, my love for words is real.

In fact, my “word nerdism” transcends typical conventions. The kind of love I have for words doesn’t come without a few quirks. Maybe you can relate. Does the scent of an old book intoxicate you like a 20 year old Glenlivet? Do you get a little rush of adrenaline when you receive a box of books you ordered online? Feel some sadness when you turn the last page?

How about this: have you ever had an uncontrollable, visceral repulsion to a word? Like cringing, or shivering… gagging… all symptoms of a word-gone-wrong.

Hate is a strong word. But here’s a few words I hate with a capital “H”:
Doily… also spelled as doiley, doilie, doyly, doyley. Ewww.
Curdle… Yuck.
Pantie, panty… awkward.

Alternatively, here are some words I love-love-love:
Candid, as in “being candid” or “candidly” doing something.
Fallible. Yes, human fallibility, the world’s best excuse for when things don’t quite go your way.
Conversely, the most elegant word that signals a comparison.

So what’s your favorite/most hated word, bird?