A few things I learned about advertising campaigns.

Great stories are made to look, sound and feel simple and effortless. But first, you’ll have to come up with a plan.

(Insert The Client‘s ideas and diplomatic negotiations with the account manager about how it’s going to play out here).

Next, you’ll need to brainstorm it. Conceptualize it. Craft it. Rework it. Crop it. Script it. Review it. Fine tune it. Approve it. Publish it. Record it. Film it. Print it. Integrate it. Promote it.

Here’s the fun part: strategists, creatives, writers, project manager and specialists of all kinds find themselves working on the story together. You know, like food stylists, heavy machine operators and actors who speak Finnish.

Before you know it, dozens of people are involved in making this story happen. Sometimes they’re even almost all in the same room, which can be both exciting and scary. Your goal is to work together on a singular vision despite differing strengths, weaknesses and values… and personalities…

Not only do you need to stay on target, but there’s a budget and timeline to respect. You need to make balancing those things look easy while the project manager hovers over the buzzing little village of people building the story.

Oh, and with all that going on, has anyone talked to The Client lately?