About me: 20 things.

I’m half Chinese, half French Canadian. I’ve been mistaken for a South American, a Japanese tourist, and Bjork (more than once).

I’m generally an open book. Read me.

People say that I have a contagious laugh.

I have a cat named Mao.

Some places I’d like to go: Burning Man, Rio de Janeiro, Alaska, Hong Kong, Croatia (to see the Croatian sea organ).

Window shopping and traveling by train are relaxing for me.

In my books, handling your cell phone at the dinner table is rude.

Coconut, crème brûlée and spicy food are the best.

When I make food at home, I eat to survive; when I eat out, I eat to enjoy.

Fall is my favorite season. Everything’s dying, but the colors are beautiful.

Snow storms are awesome.

Running aimlessly on the beach is my “happy place”.

Items you’ll consistently find on my desk: a giant mug, several organized piles, a Whitelines notebook, a sharpie and lip gloss.

I love business wear: stiff collars, buttons and blazers, even if dry cleaning sucks.

I believe that contradictions and mistakes make people unique.

I rock at karaoke. Some people beg to differ.

One of my guilty pleasures: power ballads.

There’s a good chance I miscounted the number of items in this list.

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