I’m passionate about words. I love wordplay and puns, and I’m picky about grammar. A well-expressed idea lingers in my mind like a good taste. I may regularly improvise the phonetic alphabet and occasionally let spellcheck take the lead, but my love for words is real.

Maybe you can relate. Does the scent of an old book intoxicate you like an 18 year old Glenlivet? Do you get a little rush of adrenaline when you receive a shipping box of books you ordered online? Are you sad when you turn the last page of a book that you considered to be your loyal companion for the last few weeks?

How about this: have you ever been uncontrollably repulsed by a word? Cringing, or shivering… gagging… symptoms of a word-gone-wrong. Doily… Gross. Curdle… Yuck. Panty… Icky.

Alternatively, here are some words that I love: Candid, as in “being candid” or “candidly” doing something; fallible, like human fallibility, the world’s best excuse for when things don’t quite go your way (I know it well); conversely, the most elegant word to signal a comparison.

So what’s your favorite/most hated word?